It is no secret that engineers do not do well, as a whole, in public speaking. Anyone who has slept, make that sat through a presentation where an engineer has shown slide after slide of data that cannot be read, let alone fully understood, knows what I mean. Monotone does not help, either.

From our files of extrapolated data (meaning we didn’t actually measure anything, but it is likely good data from our perception), we see a bar chart with various professions and their level of ability in public speaking vs. how they perceive themselves. Here is the chart:

Comparing Different Professions on Their Actual Ability vs. How They Perceive Their Public Speaking Ability

Here are a few notes regarding this graph:

– Lawyers, Surgeons, and Professors are far better at public speaking than engineers, but they think they are far better than they are.

– Teachers are generally very good at public speaking, but lack confidence.

– Engineers, although very close in their perception of how they make presentations, are, in technical terms – BAD.

– If you ever get a chance to see a rodeo clown talk, take it.