All right, it’s soap box time. Somebody’s got to do it.

The number 1,000 is GREAT. It is the answer to many simple measurement questions:

How many meters are in a kilometer? How many grams in a kilogram? How many milliliters in a liter?

There are a lot of numbers that engineers like, and though they may not have this one as their favorite, engineers like it when all you have to do is move a decimal to change units. This definitely beats 5,280 or 16 or 8 or other odd numbers* one would have to memorize in a different measurement system other than the metric system. Regardless of Democrat or Republican, if a candidate had as his or her main platform to convert to the metric system, I know who I’d be voting for. Especially if they also made science fiction the national movie genre.

*Yes, all the odd numbers used as examples are actually even numbers, but that just shows (in my mind) how strange the system we have is.