This week at engineeringdaze, we are going to follow the exploits of the first engineer, the caveman named Tork. Tork was so advanced for his era, being an engineer, that he was frequently shunned by other cavemen. But that is another story.

Below are ten thoughts that went through Tork’s prehistoric mind on a typical day. You will see that even though Tork was a caveman, he was still an engineer, and the thoughts of an engineer are not much different today than they were back in Tork’s day.

Thoughts of Tork:

“If we not make wheels square, but round – big less in friction.”

“Maybe get water to caves through series of hollow tubes. No. Never catch on.”

“Stinks in cave. Got to work on waste disposal get-out (removal).”

“Water fall from upper pond. Could use energy to… to… do something.”

“Why cavewoman not want to be around me?”

“Not be able to talk to cavewoman anyway.”

“If only there was interconnected tubes that would bring all information of world to my cave and display on flat surface to watch.”

“If only there was magic box to hold in hand that would bring all information of world – without tubes. That be magic.”

“Hope Crog bring back rock abacus he take for hunt trip to hit animals. Need to calculate best opening size at side of cave to cool down best.”

“Got to talk at caveman meeting day after today. Nervous! Hope point with power work good.”