Bumper Stickers We Should Have

Most everyone has seen a bumper sticker that says something like,

But think about this. We drive in cars designed by engineers on roads designed by engineers listening to music mixed or duplicated by engineers and then we are supposed to thank teachers that we can read. Reading is important. So, please don’t get me wrong. I love teachers. I’m married to a librarian. They do a wonderful service to society. But, engineers help supply electricity to our homes. Engineers design and build every bridge you drove across today. Engineers help provide clean water to your home today. Teachers teach us to read, but engineers provide society with so much else.

Think of all the aspects of our lives that engineers are responsible for – yet engineers are completely taken for granted. So, I propose that the following bumper stickers (with no cutesy graphics or fru-fru font) be placed on cars, quite the appropriate place for them:

OK, a little wordy (looks like an engineer wrote it), but very true. Actually, there are many places where we can place stickers to remind ourselves of the reach of engineers in our society. For example, on our toilets we should place the following:

Now, these are bumper stickers for our society.

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