People will frequently ask me, “How can I know when I can see the Cosmos 2237 Rocket from my home?” OK, one time, someone asked me when to view the International Space Station. Whatever the satellite, there is one great place to go.

A great website is Heavens Above. Go there, enter your location – on a map for most people, some engineers may know their latitude and longitude from memory. Then explore the satellite passes that are visible from your home, as they have all the info you need available – which satellite, the time it appears, where in the sky to look, etc. Don’t forget to check out the Iridium Flares (especially the -6, -7, or -8 ones), the brightest satellites most people never know exist. But with the info from this website, you will amaze your friends as you act like a prophet or fortune-teller. You will not be disappointed.

Also, Heavens Above will give you great information that my friend, an NE (non-engineer) named Tom, may ridicule, but engineers may find fascinating: the altitude of the International Space Station over time, the location of man-made probes that are beyond the solar system, a plan view of the relative location of all the planets (even Pluto, though we all know it was defrocked), and so much more!