A colleague of mine, a non-engineer, came back from a project meeting where engineers were only a small segment of the assembled group. They met in a small auditorium and to start off the meeting, the facilitator asked that all the different groups stand and be recognized: personnel from the environmental field, right-of-way, public relations, the building contractor, and others, were all asked to rise when their group was called. My coworker said that it when it came time for the engineers to stand, he noted the typical engineering stature that EVERY ENGINEER there assumed – slow to stand, head down, hands in pockets. I think my colleague was laughing about this. Actually, I think he still is laughing about it. But, I see it not as an introverted, socially inept pose, but rather that the engineers are humble and don’t like the attention. Whatever the root cause, look for the engineering stance next time you are in a project meeting and someone says, “Can the engineers all stand.”