I have a friend named, “Marc”. That is not his real name, but to keep him from scorn and abuse from engineers, I have decided to protect his identity.

Marc used to be an engineer. Yes, he went to school for engineering, got a job as an engineer, and worked for a number of years designing buildings and the systems that go into them. But, then something happened. Did he die? No. Did he suffer some horrible accident? No. Did he develop amnesia after being poisoned from eating those little humidity control packets in electronic packages, the packets that clearly say, “Do not eat!”? If it were only that easy to figure out.

Marc turned away from engineering and became…. I even hate to mention it…. he became…. he left engineering to…..  he decided to change careers and…

OK, he became an architect! An architect! In the engineering circles in which I travel, we call that being a traitor, a turncoat. Marc says he is still an engineer, but I remind him that his is not. And here is the reason. Engineers are practical, pragmatic, and sensible. Architects are always figuring out how to make things “look” better. They are all into the feel and ambiance of a building or other structure. Hopefully, you will see (and I am sure any engineer reading this would see) that the two cannot live together in peace. I was half-way through a writing a letter to his college explaining to them why they should take Marc’s engineering degree back, when I stopped and realized that he was actually a friend of mine and that loyalty should count for something. I never finished the letter. But now I am wondering whether I am going as soft in the head as he has in taking this rather artsy approach to life, being an architect.