Last Sunday, July 22, was Pi Estimation Day.

The weekend of celebration started with some tension on Saturday when a friend of mine, we will call him “Wes”, texted me and wished me an early “Happy Pi Day”. As an engineer, technically wrong terms need corrected (it’s concrete, NOT cement). So I texted back and said that the next day was actually Pi Estimation Day and March 14 is Pi Day. Yes, I realize that 22/7 = ~3.14286 and that pi = ~3.14159 and that March 14, represented by 3.14, is 0.00159 from pi and 22/7 is 0.00127 from pi, which is less, which he pointed out in a feeble attempt to defend himself. I, of course, explained that if one considers significant digits, which is always a good engineering consideration, then I was correct. Wes and I have heated debates at times.

Well, Wes, cornered, resorted to what I called out to be ultra-extrapolated logic. Wes is a pharmacist. When meeting people, he likes to say he is a Doctor, to which I always have to add “of Pharmacy”. He said that if dosing to mcg or ngs, then he needs significant digits. But I pointed out that he never uses pi in dosing, to which he responded that if he were dosing for Humpty Dumpty, well –  you can see that my engineering logic outdid his pharmacological mind and pushed him beyond logic.

I may have accepted the first arguments from my brother, the math professor, but a pharmacist (even if he is a Doctor)?

The engineer wins again.