Technically, the 620’s, are all good numbers for engineers. Why? Is it because 620 represents some perfect constant that is representative of some natural phenomenon that engineers can use for the good of society? Could it be because the numbers in the 620’s are all used to calculate forces, or movement that can be of benefit to our way of life, since that is what engineers do?

No. The 620’s are where engineers, and you in particular, can find library books about engineering as arranged by our friend, the Dewey Decimal system. This is a great number to remember. Next time you are in your local library, go to any of the books from 620 to 630, and start perusing. Books on civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering will abound. Fascinating books about wastewater treatment facilities, engines that run on alternate fuels, and the joys of electric currents are there to be explored.

620, and more broadly, the 620’s are a nice number for engineers.