There are many apps that engineers like to have on their smart phones. One of the best ones would be one from a category that not only helps the engineer calculate stuff, a favorite past time of the engineer, but also helps the engineer remain frugal.

The class of apps we will mention today is check-splitting apps. These are great! We have mentioned in previous posts that an engineer would not want to split a bill evenly, especially if he got the cheaper meal. Whether it is 20 cents cheaper, or, refraining from a drink and extra sides, a few dollars difference, the engineer will be glad to take the bill when it comes – in order to split it evenly and fairly and so that he will not pay more than he needs. These apps can split between any number of people, add whatever percent for a tip, and, I believe, find cubed roots. (OK, maybe not the last one.)

So, ask your coworker or husband who is an engineer if they have an app like this on their smart phone, and if not, get it for him. You will feel so glad you did the next time you go out and he says, “Honey, you owe $11.24 for your meal.”