We will leave the act of looking for a car, analyzing which car to buy, what options, financing, etc. all to future posts. For now, we want only to discuss one of the final decisions – the color. I have gone to a dealership and when we get to that point, the salesperson asks, “And what color would you like your car to be?” They might as well be speaking Swahili. Color? Do I look like an architect?

As an engineer, I am all about function, not form. My mantra is, “Engineers don’t feel, they think.”  Colors are feeling. Is there a price difference? No? Then ask my wife. I may consider keeping away from dark cars in a southern state to compensate for the direct sunlight, but other than that, I really don’t care. Some engineers might. I consider them meandering toward architecture.

OK – One caveat, but it fits in with the function over form issue. Studies have shown that one is more likely to get pulled over and/or given a ticket if one is driving a car of certain colors. Red, I believe, is the worst by far. And although I don’t drive (excessively) over the speed limit, any advantage in not being stopped by the police is gladly taken. So I tell my wife, any color – except red.