A couple weeks ago, I wrote about an engineer who came home from work and saw that his newlywed wife had attempted to help out with a household chore – mowing the lawn – only to find that she had mowed it in the wrong pattern! I also said, as was told to me by the non-engineer (NE) wife, that he, the engineer went out and re-mowed the lawn that evening.

I ran into another NE wife who, after reading that post, wondered if she had told me that story already because the exact same thing happened to her. She had not told me this. This was a second occurrence. However, her story was a little more insightful into the ways of an engineer. When her new husband came home and saw the lawn – again, mowed in the wrong pattern – he did not even come in the house. He started up the mower and got right to correcting this flagrant disorder, still in his oxford shirt, tie, and wingtips.

I say with Spock, “Fascinating.”

The obvious note: This second NE wife has also never mowed the lawn since.