I think it important to define: Engineer. To define the person may be difficult in one short post. There would need to be lot of writing to explain the person who is an engineer. But I’m talking about the word engineer.  From Oxford’s English Dictionary, it seems that engineer did NOT come from a word meaning geek, or socially inept, or poor public speaker, as some might think.  It originated from the Latin ingenium for which the original concept was ‘ingenuity, cunning’ (surviving in Scots as ingine). It’s where we get the word ingenious, which I take as a compliment. Engineers solve problems in creative ways. It is also where we get the word engine which is also a compliment. Engineers get things done.

So, for all the engineers out there, the next time someone asks you where your pocket protector is, or “pretends” to go to sleep while you explain something, or coughs while saying the word “geek” under his breath, well, I think it’s time for that person to learn a little Latin.

For the non-engineers out there, maybe now we can get some respect. Or else the next time you might need help with calculating the angle of trajectory to optimize your softball pitch, we just may conveniently not be around.